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City of Wellness
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THE CITY OF WELLNESS, brings together Queen Afua's method of healing yourself through diet and nutrition. A step by step method of elevating your health through giving up flesh and increasing fresh raw foods for increased wellness, and healing of actual health problems such as hypertension and obesity. Not a typical diet book. It is a lifestyle change. Not a book that focuses on raw foodism but endorses foods that increase the vibrational frequency that leads to optimal health. Herbal and specific food groups are discussed. She reminds us that historically, African Americans had limited access to doctors and other healthcare providers. Midwives and other "root healers" were all that blacks had from Africa through slavery up until the past 40-50 years. In some locales of the South and Carribean, "root healers" continue to heal with foods and herbs. Also, specific baths like the Stone Bath Recipe for healing and the Stone Water Recipe for Vibrational Healing are interesting and easy to follow. Exercises like the Solar Plexis Energy Center Exercise and the Heart Energy Center Exercise are easy to follow and powerful. Fasting is discussed as well as detoxing techniques from processed and "fast foods". She reminds us that we can do better and avoid all of the current health maladies that currently affect the African American community. If only 20 percent of African Americans could adopt her methods, we would become one of the healthiest groups in America. Not only healthier physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Any culture or ethnic group would benefit from this book. Well grounded ideas and suggestions. The focus is on the indiviual, the family and the community. Nothing weird or difficult. I endorse this book as well as her other books to increase your health consciousness. Get it at Amazon today.