The Journey of Songhai People

The Journey of Songhai People
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Robisnon, Battle and Robinson portray a brilliant chronological history of details regarding the Aftican American experience, former civilizations, Culture, Educational institutions, world contributions before slavery and the dispersement of the Songhai Empire which originated from Western Sudan, Ghana, and Mali their accomplishments and the history and the invasion and destruction of the empire starting in the early 1500's and ending in 1986. Peroid covers the Songhai empire, the sailing west in 1311 to discover South and Central America, Session VIII - Briefs on the middle passage Session XVI - The lifestyle of Blacks and unmitigated pressures to destroy black family during bondage, Black Peoples contributions to Ungrateful America. the Spirit of 1776, Pg 342. Do you know these Black men and their inventirons, Pg 359 Personfication of the ancient African Mind, Pg 389